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 Targeting Profitability
Product spotlight
 Single Point of Entry
Single Point Of Entry Shorten time to enter data over multiple syestems.  Quick initial results on previously declined applicants and interfaces with all credit bureaus and background checking sources.
Underwriting How about credit results and business background checking thrown in with a little BRAM results to verify the merchant.
Fraud Monitoring
Proven and tested. Uncover Transaction anomolies within your Merchant Processing daily or real time.
 HyperLinkPCI Merchant Management
Merchants are required to be certified under PCI Guidelines.  Are you ready.  We have the plan and the path to success. 
Payment Gatways
We have experience in providing Payment solutions that are flexable meet your needs. Select2Pay Virtual Terminal and Gateway Solutions provide opportunities to reduce costs while increasing service offerings.
Other Products and Solutions
Lead Portals, Merchant Portals, and other Customized Solutions 
HyperLink Reporting built to allow you to better manage your business

 Welcome to Lighthouse Software Development, Inc.
We Help You Stand Above The Rest!
To stand out from competition, you need one-of-a-kind marketing promotions that open doors. Lighthouse Software is here to help seperate yourself from the crowd. Since1998 we have been assiting ISO's and Acquirers and Processors provide information to Agents and Merchants.  Lighthouse Software was formed to provide customized automated solutions to those that didn't have the resourses with the Bankcard knowledge and the technical ability to not just provide Data Entry but to build Single Point of Entry Systems that talk to each other, reducing key strokes, improving time from enception to installation and increasing productivity and profitability.

Since our inception we have played a part in a number of companies successes, growing from several hundreds of merchants to in some cases several hundreds of thousands.  We are known throughout the industry not only for our technical abilities but for honesty, integrity and industry knowledge.
 The Road to Success  

Are you ready to partner up with a World Class Provider of Service Built for You.  We don't Off Shore, our products are built here.  If you want our software placed in Escrow we will do so unquestioned.  If you want someone that is more interested in Profitability than just Data Entry than you need to contact us.  We offer a full range of products all built around your various needs. 
Feed multiple processors with the Best in design and performance.  Ideal for remote access with user based security.
Calculate residuals from multiple sources based on your Schedule A.  Reports are designed based on your requirements.
Auto Underwrite or Manual or a combination of both. We have certified interfaces to all three major credit bureaus as well as LexisNexis for Business Background Checking.
We can assist in providing terminal application development.  If we can't we can point you in the right direction.
We have been designing and deveoping portals for over 10 years.  Need to have a Referral Portal, try our Lead Portal or Agent Bank Portal.  Need something special, we can assist in the design and development.
We can import you portfolio information and generate a number of reports to show profitabilty as well as performance evaluation.

Looking for a new processor, we can assist in helping you review pricing and features. 
Lost in the PCI requirments maze?  We can assist by helping you understand the criterial and working through it.  We don't take kickbacks or reccomend any products or services that you don't need.  We can show you freeware that can reduce your costs.  We can also help you through the generation of the ROC that the Auditor will need to validate and provide to PCI.

Need Security Policies and Procedures, we have assisted several ISO's by generation of these documents.
If you are looking for Merchant Breach Insurance let us know, we can recommend a top agency to meet you needs.